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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book VI: Establishment of the Nemean Games in honour of Opheltes
→ vv. 118-134: Funeral of Opheltes
→ vv. 242-248: Building of a monument to Opheltes showing him and the serpent
→ vv. 296-388: Muster of the chariots for the race
→ vv. 410-490: The beginning of the chariot race
→ vv. 491: Apollo sends a monster to scare Arion, the horse pulling Polyneices's chariot, giving the victory to Amphiaraus
→ vv. 531-553: Adrastus gives Amphiaraus a cup that had belonged to Hercules as prize for his victory in the chariot race
→ vv. 618-630: King Adrastus decides that the foot-race has to be repeated because Idas had pulled back the favourite Parthenopaeus
→ vv. 646-728: Competition in Discus throwing
→ vv. 729-825: Boxing match between Capaneus and Amphidamas
→ vv. 847-910: Wrestling match between Tydeus and Agilleus
→ vv. 938-941: At the final contest of archery, Adrastus's arrow touches the target and then flies backwards