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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book VII: The Argives leave Nemea and approach Thebes, first battles
→ vv. 4-33: Jupiter sends Mercury to complain to Mars that the Argives have not yet started their attack
→ vv. 70-81: At Mars's house, Mercury passes on Jupiter's complaint
→ vv. 117-131: Pavor spreads false rumours in the Argive army
→ vv. 151-226: Bacchus begs Jupiter to spare Thebes, Jupiter reply that he must punish its rulers but will not destroy the city
→ vv. 234-242: Eteocles gathers his allies outside Thebes, the Theban women watch the development in fear
→ vv. 441-451: The Argives build an encampment in sight of Thebes
→ vv. 492-538: Jocasta, supported by her daughters, enters the Argive camp and begs Polyneices to stop the war
→ vv. 564-598: Aconteus kills the sacred tigresses of Bacchus that had ravaged the Argives
→ vv. 632-648: The first battles at the Argive camp
→ vv. 690-720: Amphiaraus, rendered invulnerable by Apollo, kills many Thebans
→ vv. 816-823: Amphiaraus drives his chariot into Hades