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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book VIII: Continuation of the battle: Atys is killed, Tydeus is wounded and kills Melanippus
→ vv. 1-20. The deities of Hades are surprised to see Amphiaraus entering it alive on his chariot
→ vv. 134-148: Palaemon tells Adrastus of the disappearance of Amphiaraus
→ vv. 218-236: The Thebans feast and praise the gods for the disappearance of Amphiaraus
→ vv. 275-296: Thiodamas is appointed priest of the Argives in the stead of Amphiaraus
→ vv. 296-341: As his first deed, Thiodamas bring a sacrifice to Earth
→ vv. 428-455: Beginning of the battle
→ vv. 636-654: The wounded Atys dies in presence of his betrothed Ismene
→ vv. 659-715: Aristia of Tydeus
→ vv. 760-762: The dying Tydeus eats the head of Melanippus who had wounded him