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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book IX: Continuation of the Battle: Hippomenes rescues the body of Tydeus and dies, as do Hypsaeus and Parthenopaeus
→ vv. 46-72: Polyneices and others mourn for the slain Tydeus
→ vv. 76-81: Polyneices is prevented from stabbing himself at the sight of the body of Tydeus
→ vv. 86-109: Theban soldiers begin to mutilate the body of Tydeus
→ vv. 154-170: Tisiphone, disguised as a warrior, lures Hippomedon away from the body of Tydeus, whom he had defended against the Thebans
→ vv. 177-195: The Thebans take and mutilate the body of Tydeus since it is no longer protected
→ vv. 225-283: Beginning of the battle in the river Ismenos
→ vv. 289-314: Beginning of the Aristia of Hippomedon during the battle in the river Ismenos
→ vv. 341-403: The death of Crenaeus is lamented by his mother, the nymph Ismene
→ vv. 418-445: The river-god Ismenos, father of Ismene, complains to Jupiter about the death of his grandson
→ vv. 485-491: Hippomedon is weakened by the flood of Ismenos and attacked by Thebans
→ vv. 510-521: Juno begs Jupiter to end the ordeal of Hippomedon in the river
→ vv. 540-548: Hypsaeus despoils the body of Hippomedon that had been washed ashore
→ vv. 585-598: Atalanta dreams that the sacred tree of Diana to which she dedicates her trophies is oozing blood and dying
→ vv. 606-636: Atalanta prays to Diana for the safety of Parthenopaeus
→ vv. 643-669: Apollo and Diana meet on Parnassus, he tells her that Parthenopaeus will not be spared death
→ vv. 736-806: Aristia of Parthenopaeus
→ vv. 887-907: Partenopaeus dies of many wounds, lamenting the death of his horse and asking Dorceus to comfort Atalanta