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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book X: In the night after the battle the Argives attack the sleeping Thebans in their camp, battle at the walls of Thebes
→ vv. 17-35. Eteocles commands Meges and Lycus to command the Argive camp during the night
→ vv. 49-55: In Argos, the wives of the warriors pray to Juno for their husbands
→ vv. 79-84: Juno, hearing the prayer, send Iris to Somnus
→ vv. 146-155: Somnus makes the Thebans sleep
→ vv. 187-218: In ecstasy, the new priest Thiodamas summons the Argives to attack the sleeping Thebans
→ vv. 262-325: The Argives enter the Theban camp and slay the sleeping soldiers
→ vv. 384-444: Dymas and Hopleus try to rescue the bodies of Parthenopaeus and Tydeus and are killed by Amphion and Ephitus
→ vv. 482-490: The Argives reach the wall of Thebes
→ vv. 519-551: Battle at the walls of Thebes
→ vv. 598-615: At Tiresias's oracle a snake appears in the smoke, the seer realises that Mars demands a human sacrifice
→ vv. 616-627: Creon realises that Mars demands the death of his son Menoeceus
→ vv. 661-673: Virtus, in the guise of Manto, appears to Menoeceus and tells him that he has to seek death to rescue Thebes
→ vv. 688-734: Creon tries in vain to dissuade his son Menoeceus from seeking death
→ vv. 756-782: Menoeceus stabbs himself on the city wall
→ vv. 907-939: Capaneus who is blaspheming Jupiter whilst scaling the walls of Thebes is killed by a thunderbolt