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→ Statius → Thebaid → Book XII: Creon forbids the burial of the Argives, their widows ask Theseus for help who kills Creon
→ vv. 50-59: The bodies of the slain Thebans are burnt, those of the Argives left uncremated
→ vv. 60-92: Creon has his son Menoeceus cremated
→ vv. 141-166: Ornytus tells the mourning Argive widows who arrived to bury their husbands that Creon had set guards to keep them unburied
→ vv. 173-176: Some of the widows decide to ask Creon for mercy, others to ask Theseus to attack Thebes
→ vv. 312-348: Argia finds the body of Polyneuces on the battle-field
→ vv. 362-408: Antigone, who likewise tries to bury Polyneices, meets Argia on the battle-field
→ vv. 409-411: Argia and Antigone carry the body of Polyneices to the river Ismenos to wash it
→ vv. 424-448: Polyneices is placed on the only still smoking funeral pyre, on which Eteocles lies, their mutual hatred makes the flames divide
→ vv. 449-463: Argia and Antigone are discovered and brought before Creon
→ vv. 540-585: The Argive widows meet Theseus who is returning in triumph from war against the Amazons and ask for his help
→ vv. 656-664: Theseus and the Athenians march towards Thebes
→ vv. 768-781: Theseus kills Creon in battle