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→ Vergil → Aeneid
→ Census of Antique Art Known to the Renaissance
→ Cycles
→ Invocation to the Muse
→ Heroes and Heroines
→ Book I: Storm, landing in Libya, arrival in Carthago, meeting with Dido
→ Book II: Aeneas recounts the sack of Troy
→ Book III: Aeneas recounts his journeys: Thrace, Delos, Crete, the island of the Harpies, Buthrotum, Italy
→ Book IV: Love of Dido and Aeneas, after Aeneas's departure Dido kills herself
→ Book V: Games in honour of Anchises on Sicily, journey towards Italy
→ Book VI: Aeneas in the underworld
→ Book VII: Aeneas lands in Latium, beginning of conflict with Turnus
→ Book VIII: Vision of the river god Tiber, journey to king Evander of Pallantium, Venus brings Aeneas new arms
→ Book IX: In Aeneas's absence, Turnus attacks in vain the Trojan camp
→ Book X: Aeneas and Pallas, son of Evander, come to support the Trojans in the camp, Pallas is killed by Turnus
→ Book XI: Mourning and new war, Camilla fights for Turnus and is killed
→ Book XII: Duel between Aeneas and Turnus
→ Events after the end of Vergil's text (described by Maffeo Vegio in his appendix to Book XII)
→ Events after the end of the Aeneid
→ As a book
→ Unidentified scenes