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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book X: Aeneas and Pallas, son of Evander, come to support the Trojans in the camp, Pallas is killed by Turnus
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-117: At the council of the gods Jupiter declares that the winner of the coming day will win the conflict
→ vv. 276-286: Aeneas and his embassy return to support Ascanius, Turnus tries to prevent their landing
→ vv. 362-379: Pallas takes leave of Evander and joins the Trojans
→ vv. 478-479: Turnus kills Pallas with a spear
→ vv. 490-509: Turnus steps on the body of Pallas, makes a boastful speech, and takes away his baldric
→ vv. 504-506: The dead Pallas is carried awy on a shield
→ vv. 812-820: After warning Lausus to desist from trying to rescue his father Mezentius, Aeneas kills him
→ vv. 821-832: Aeneas is moved by pity over the young Lausus who died in the attempt to rescue his father Mezentius
→ vv. 888-908: Aeneas attacks the horse of Mezentius so that it throws him off, and then kills him with a sword
→ Aeneas on horseback (narrative context unknown)
→ Aeneas, Evander and Pallas (narrative context unknown)
→ Camilla (not in a narrative context)
→ Generic battle scenes
→ Historiated initial
→ Turnus vanquishes Timeter (narrative context unknown)