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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book XII: Duel between Aeneas and Turnus
→ Cycles
→ Lavinia's love for Aeneas (supplementary scenes in Heinrich von Veldeke's Eneas)
→ vv. 161-163: Latinus arrives in a chariot to confirm the truce
→ vv. 212-215: The Trojans and Latins bring sacrifices to confirm the truce
→ vv. 289-296: After the breaking of the truce, Messapus kills King Aulestes
→ vv 311-317: Aeneas tries in vain to restore the truce
→ vv. 391-423: While the physician Iapyx cleans Aeneas's wound, Venus helps by pouring Ambrosia over it
→ vv. 554-560: Venus inspires Aeneas to attack the undefended Laurentium
→ vv. 728-732: Turnus attacks Aeneas with his sword, which is shattered
→ vv. 759-842: Jupiter instructs Juno to abandon Turnus
→ Scenes of the combat between Aeneas and Turnus that do not fit with the text
→ vv. 938-952: Aeneas sees that the wounded Turnus is wearing Pallas's baldric and kills him
→ Miscellaneous
→ Historiated initial