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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book IV: Love of Dido and Aeneas, after Aeneas's departure Dido kills herself
→ Cycles
→ vv. 56-64: Dido sacrifices to Ceres, Phoebus, Bacchus, and especially to Juno
→ vv. 74-76: Dido shows Aeneas the building works of Carthage but is so overwhelmed by his presence that she cannot speak
→ vv. 84-85: Dido sits with Amor-Ascanius on her lap
→ vv. 86-89: Dido neglects the building of Carthage
→ vv. 90-128: Juno suggests to Venus that Dido should marry Aeneas, Venus feigns assent
→ vv. 129-150: Dido and Aeneas set out for the hunt
→ vv. 151-155: Hunt of Dido and Aeneas
→ vv. 156-159: Hunting prowess of Ascanius
→ vv. 161-166: A thunderstorm approaches, and Dido and Aeneas seek shelter in the same cave
→ vv. 160-172: Dido and Aeneas embrace each other in the cave
→ vv. 173-188: Fama
→ Dido and Aeneas as lovers, but not in the cave
→ Dido tells Anna about her love for Aeneas
→ vv. 222-237: Jupiter sends Mercury to Aeneas
→ vv. 259-276: Mercury commands Aeneas to abandon Dido and go to Italy
→ vv. 304-387: Dido, having learned of Aeneas impending departure, challenges him
→ vv. 504-508: Dido has her bed and Aeneas's possessions placed on a pyre
→ vv. 509-521: Dido sacrifices to the gods of the underworld
→ vv. 522-552: Dido contemplates her fate
→ vv. 554-570: Mercury warns Aeneas to depart quickly lest Dido set the ships on fire
→ vv. 571-590: Aeneas hastens his companions to depart
→ vv. 581-583: Aeneas sails away from Carthage
→ vv. 642-666: Dido stabs herself with Aeneas's sword
→ vv. 672-687: Anna speaks to her dying sister Dido
→ vv. 693-702: Iris is sent by Juno to Dido
→ vv. 702-705: Iris cuts a lock out of Dido's hair, allowing her to die
→ Historiated initial
→ Miscellaneous
→ Veneration of Dido