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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book VII: Aeneas lands in Latium, beginning of conflict with Turnus
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-7: Aeneas making sacrifices for his dead nurse Gaeta (also Ov. Met. XIV,156-157)
→ Burial of Gaeta
→ vv. 10-24: The Trojans sail past the island of Circe
→ vv. 35-36: Aeneas commands his companions to sail to the estuary of the Tiber
→ vv. 37-105: Excursus: Latinus and Lavinia
→ vv. 105-106: The Trojans land at the shore and leave their ships
→ vv. 107-134: Aeneas and his companions rest at the shore and eat the bread they had used like plates
→ vv. 141-143: Jupiter confirms the omen by three thunders
→ vv. 144-147: The Trojans celebrate the arrival with drinking
→ vv. 152-169: Ilioneus and other Trojans ride to Laurentium
→ Aeneas admires the building of Laurentium (not in Vergil)
→ Aeneas welcomed by King Latinus
→ vv. 192-273: Ilioneus and other Trojans ask King Latinus for permission to settle in Latium
→ vv. 274-285: Latinus has horses sent to the Trojans
→ v. 290f.: The Trojans begin building houses
→ vv. 323-340: Juno commands the fury Alecto to incite war
→ Juno prompts Turnus to start a war
→ vv. 493-499: By mistake, Ascanius shoots the tame stag belonging to Sylvia
→ vv. 500-504: Sylvia laments about the tame stag wounded by Ascanius
→ vv. 511-518: Alecto alarms Sylvia's friends with trumpet blasts
→ vv. 519-539: Sylvia's friends attack Ascanius and his companions
→ vv. 540-560: Alecto rises to the sky and informs Juno that she had caused strife between Latins and Trojans
→ vv. 572-576: Sylvia's friends carry their dead comrades into Laurentium
→ vv. 601-622: Juno personally opens the temple of Janus
→ vv. 641-817: Catalogue of the enemies of the Trojans
→ Warriors (precise narrative context unclear)
→ Historiated initial with narrative scenes