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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book V: Games in honour of Anchises on Sicily, journey towards Italy
→ Cycles
→ Dido, bleeding from the neck wound, lying on her deathbed. Mourners stand behind
→ vv. 3-7: From their ships, the Trojans see Dido's funeral pyre burning
→ vv. 72-103: The Trojans land in Sicily and are welcomed by Acestes
→ vv. 84-93: A serpent appears during the sacrifice at Anchises's tomb
→ Aeneas kneeling at the tomb of Anchises
→ vv. 114-243: Games in honour of Anchises: ship race
→ vv. 315-339: Games in honour of Anchises: foot race
→ vv. 426-460: Games in honour of Anchises: The ancient Sicilian Entellus in a boxing match against Dares
→ vv. 485-518: Games in honour of Anchises: Archery
→ vv. 575-603: Games in the honour of Anchises: Mock battle
→ vv. 604-619: Iris, sent by Juno, comes down to persuade the Trojans to settle in Sicily
→ vv. 641-664: The Trojan women, frenzied by Iris, burn the ships
→ vv. 709-718: After the burning of the ships, Nautes comforts Aeneas and suggests to take only the doughtiest on to Italy
→ vv. 779-827: Venus asks Neptune to calm the sea, he promises it
→ vv. 854-860: Palinurus, the pilot of Aeneas, is lulled into sleep and falls into the sea
→ Historiated initial