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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book I: Storm, landing in Libya, arrival in Carthago, meeting with Dido
→ Cycles
→ Aeneas and the Trojans sailing
→ Generic battle scene
→ vv. 1-50: Juno's anger
→ vv. 50-80: Juno asking Aeolus to release the storm
→ vv. 81-82: Aeolus releasing the storm
→ vv. 82-91: The storm
→ vv. 124-141: Neptune calms the seas ('Quos ego')
→ vv. 157-179: The Trojans land in Libya
→ vv. 171-173: The Trojans recline on the Libyan shore
→ vv. 174-179: The Trojans dry the corn that has become wet and grind it into flour
→ vv. 184-193: After landing, Aeneas, accompanied by Achates, shoots seven stags
→ vv. 194-197: Aeneas gives the Trojans the three stags and Trinacrian wine as a meal
→ vv. 198-207: Aeneas comforts the Trojans ('Durate')
→ vv. 227-253: Venus imploring Jupiter
→ vv. 254-296: Jupiter's prophecy
→ vv. 297-304: Jupiter sends Mercury to the Carthagians, to make them well-disposed towards the Trojans
→ vv. 314-334: Venus appears to Aeneas and Achates as Virgin Huntress
→ vv. 352-356: Venus tells Aeneas how the murdered Sychaeus appeared to his wife Dido
→ vv. 365-368: Venus tells Aeneas how Dido had received as much land as an oxhide could comprise
→ vv. 393-401: Venus tells Aeneas that his men have landed safely, just as swans in the air had not been disturbed by an eagle
→ vv. 402-414: Venus disappears from Aeneas and Achates
→ vv. 418-440: The invisible Aeneas admires the Carthagians building their city
→ vv. 441-452: Aeneas awaiting Dido in the temple of Juno and admiring its paintings
→ vv. 452-508: Dido and Aeneas meet in the temple of Juno
→ vv. 509-512: Aeneas sees some Trojans who had landed elsewhere after the storm
→ vv. 520-578: Dido receives Ilioneus
→ vv. 586-593: Aeneas becomes visible in front of Dido
→ vv. 631-632: Dido welcomes Aeneas to her palace
→ vv. 643-656: Achates sent back to the ships to bring jewels for Dido
→ vv. 657-688: Venus commands Amor to disgusise as Ascanius
→ vv. 691-694: Venus takes the sleeping Ascanius to Idalium so that Amor can act in his stead
→ Aeneas, Dido and Ascanius-Amor
→ vv. 695-696: Amor, disguised as Ascanius, carries gifts for Dido
→ vv. 697-756: Aeneas and Amor (disguised as Ascanius) at Dido's feast
→ Historiated initial with Troy burning