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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book VIII: Vision of the river god Tiber, journey to king Evander of Pallantium, Venus brings Aeneas new arms
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-17: Turnus summons the inhabitants of Latium to war
→ vv. 36-65: The river Tiber appears to the sleeping Aeneas and foretells him the foundation of Rome
→ vv. 79-80: Aeneas mans two ships to sail upstream to Pallantium, the city of king Evander
→ vv. 81-85: Aeneas finds, as Tiber had prophesied, a sow with 30 piglets, and sacrifices her to Jupiter and Juno
→ vv. 102-125: Aeneas and his companions meet Pallas, son of Evander king of Pallantium, who is bringing a sacrifice to Hercules
→ vv. 126-174: Aeneas, escorted by Pallas, meets King Evander
→ vv. 184-275: King Evander tells that the sacrifice commemorates Hercules's victory over Cacus
→ vv. 359-365: Aeneas enters the house of Evander
→ vv. 370-406: Venus asks Vulcan to make arms for Aeneas
→ vv. 443-453: Vulcan working on the arms for Aeneas or giving them to Venus
→ vv. 608-625: Venus presenting arms to Aeneas
→ vv. 626-728: Description of the shield
→ Historiated initial