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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book XI: Mourning and new war, Camilla fights for Turnus and is killed
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-8: Aeneas sets a lopped oak tree at the grave of Mezentius
→ vv. 5-11: Aeneas constructs a trophy to Mars with Mezentius' arms
→ vv. 29-58: Aeneas laments over the body of Pallas
→ vv. 100-138: The envoys of Laurentum, lead by Drances, ask Aeneas for a truce
→ vv. 148-181: Evander laments when the body of Pallas is brought to Pallantium
→ v. 446: The Trojans march against Laurentum
→ vv. 498-521: Camilla comes to Laurentum and offers help to Turnus
→ vv. 547-564: Excursus: Metabus binds her daughter Camilla onto a spear and throws her across a river in order to save her
→ vv. 648-664: Camilla and her maidens in battle against the Trojans
→ vv. 694-698: Camilla kills Orsilochus
→ vv. 718-724: Camilla, on foot, stops the horse of the son of Aunus and kills him
→ vv. 746-750: Tarchon rides away, having pulled Venulus onto his horse
→ vv. 794-804: Arruns wounds Camilla with a spear
→ vv. 806-815: Arruns, who has mortally wounded Camilla with his spear, runs away
→ vv. 816-831: Camilla, wounded by Arruns's spear, dies in the company of Acca
→ vv. 868-895: Camilla's men are attacked by the Trojans outside the walls of Laurentum
→ Death of Camilla (by sword, not following Vergil's text)
→ Funeral pyre of Camilla
→ Historiated initial