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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Book III: Aeneas recounts his journeys: Thrace, Delos, Crete, the island of the Harpies, Buthrotum, Italy
→ Cycles
→ vv. 1-11: The Trojans sail into exile
→ vv. 19-21: The Trojans sacrifice to Jupiter and Venus after landing in Thrace
→ vv. 27-46: When Aeneas pulls out tree shoots, blood comes out of the earth and the voice of Polydorus laments his murder by the Thracians
→ vv. 62-68: The Trojans perform funeral rites for the murdered Polydorus
→ vv. 80-83: Anius receives Aeneas in Delos (also Ov. Met. XIII, 632)
→ Anius and Anchises
→ vv. 84-99: The oracle at Delos instructs the Trojans to seek their first mother
→ vv. 118-120: After landing on Crete, the Trojans sacrifice to Neptune, Apollo and the wind gods
→ vv. 124-129: The Trojan sail past Naxos, Donysa, Paros and the Cyclades towards Crete
→ vv. 137-140: After settling on Crete, the Trojans are forced by plague to move on
→ vv. 147-171: The Trojan Penates appear to Aeneas in a dream and tell him that Italy, not Crete, was the destination indicated by the oracle
→ vv. 238-244: The Trojans fight the Harpies
→ vv. 278-319: The Trojans land in Buthrotum, Chaonia
→ vv. 306-319: Aeneas meets Andromache in Buthrotum, who swoons when seeing him
→ vv. 525-529: At the first sighting of Italy Anchises pours a libation of wine
→ vv. 570-587: The Trojans land on the island of the Cyclopes
→ vv. 588-612: The Trojans meet Achaemenides who had been forgotten by Ulysses on the Cyplocs' island
→ vv. 634-638: Achaemenides recounts the blinding of Polyphemus
→ Achaemenides boards the ship of Aeneas (not explicitly described by Vergil) (also Ov. Met. XIV, 160)
→ vv. 655-674: The blind Polyphemus tries to chase Aeneas's ship
→ vv. 692-708: The Trojans sail past several Sicilian landmarks and land in Drepanum
→ Aeneas looking back at a burning house
→ Miscellaneous
→ Historiated initial