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→ Vergil → Aeneid → Cycles → Tapestries after Giovanni Francesco Romanelli
→ Designs and cartoons by Romanelli (Pasadena, Norton Simon Museum)
→ Series Vienna, Kunsthistorisches Museum (lost)
→ Series Cleveland Museum of Art
→ Miscellaneous tapestries
→ Scene 1: Venus appears to Aeneas and Achates as a virgin huntress
→ Scene 2: Dido's Banquet
→ Scene 3: Dido's Sacrifice to Juno
→ Scene 4: Dido shows Aeneas a plan of Carthage
→ Scene 5: Aeneas and Dido enter the cave
→ Scene 6: Mercury commands Aeneas to abandon Dido and to sail to Italy
→ Scene 7: Dido challenges Aeneas about his preparations for departure
→ Scene 8: Iris cuts a lock of the lingering Dido, allowing her to die