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→ Homer → Odyssey
→ Census of Antique Art Known to the Renaissance
→ Cycles
→ As a book
→ Book I: The gods decide to allow Ulysses to return, Minerva speaks to Telemachus
→ Book II: Telemachus's conflict with the suitors and departure
→ Book III: Telemachos meets Nestor
→ Book IV: Telemachos meets Menelaos, Dream of Penelope
→ Book V: Ulysses leaves Calypso, is shipwrecked and washed ashore the islands of the Phaeacians
→ Book VI: Nausicaa finds the shipwrecked Ulysses
→ Book VII: Ulysses received by Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians
→ Book VIII: Ulysses is honoured with a feast by the Phaeacians
→ Book IX: Ulysses reports his adventures (Cicones, Lotophages, Polyphemus)
→ Book X: Ulysses reports his adventures (Aeolus, Laestrygonians, Circe)
→ Book XI: Ulysses reports his adventures (Journey to the Underworld)
→ Book XII: Ulysses reports his adventures (Elpenor, Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis, Cattle of Sol)
→ Book XIII: Ulysses is brought from the island of the Phaeaceans to Ithaca
→ Book XIV: Ulysses is welcomed by Eumaeus
→ Book XV: Return of Telemachus, Eumaeus tells Ulysses about his life
→ Book XVI: Ulysses and Telemachus meet in the house of Eumaeus
→ Book XVII: Ulysses, disguised as beggar, returns to his palace
→ Book XVIII: Ulysses, still disguised as beggar, defeats Irus
→ Book XIX: Ulysses speaks incognito with Penelope and is recognised by Euryclea
→ Book XX: Ulysses is mocked by the suitors
→ Book XXI: Ulysses wins the shooting contest
→ Book XXII: Punishment of the suitors and unfaithful servants
→ Book XXIII: Ulysses is reunited with Penelope
→ Book XXIV: The suitors in the underworld, Ulysses meets Laertes
→ Scenes not based on Homer
→ Scenes without a clear textual source
→ See Historia Troiana: The Aftermath of the War: Ulysses
→ Adaptions
→ Medon
→ Penelope
→ Ulysses - single figure
→ Unidentified scenes