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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book X: Ulysses recounts his adventures (Aeolus, Laestrygonians, Circe)
→ Aeolus forces the winds into the skins
→ vv. 17-24: Aeolus give Ulysses twelve skins containing winds
→ vv. 25-27: Aeolus sends the Zephyr to drive Ulysses's boat home
→ vv. 28-20: Ulysses and his men sail driven by Zephyr
→ vv. 34-55: Ulysses's companions open the skins, and the released winds drive the ship back to Aeolus
→ vv. 103-111: Ulysses's scouts meet the daughter of the king of the Laestrygonians
→ vv. 114-117: The Laestrygonians devour one of Ulysses's companions, two can escape
→ vv. 118-120: The Laestrygonians are summoned to the attack
→ vv. 121-132: The Laestrygonians sink all ship apart from one, on which Ulysses escapes
→ vv. 140-144: Ulysses and his comrades land on Circe's island Aiaia
→ vv. 144-184: Ulysses hunts a giant stag on the island of Circe and eats it with his companions
→ Circe - single figure
→ vv. 208-232 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 254-273: Ulysses's companions see the tame beasts and are welcomed by Circe
→ vv. 233-236 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 270-277): Circe feeds Ulysses's comrades with poisoned wine
→ Circe with Ulysses's comrades, drinking the poisoned wine herself (significance unclear)
→ vv. 237-243 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 278-286): Circe touches Ulysses's companions with her rod, turning them into pigs
→ Ulysses's companions as pigs or animals, with or without Circe
→ vv. 275-308 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 290-292): Mercury gives Ulysses the herb Moly
→ vv. 310-313 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 293-294): Circe welcomes Ulysses at the door
→ vv. 316-317 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 295): Circe tries in vain to poison Ulysses
→ vv. 319-322 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 295-296): Circe touches Ulysses with her rod, he attacks her with his sword
→ vv. 323-346: The defeated Circe at Ulysses's feet
→ Ulysses and Elpenor vanquish Circe together (Etruscan version)
→ v. 347: Ulysses and Circe in bed together
→ vv. 371-387: Before eating a meal, Ulysses asks Circe to return his companions to the human form
→ vv. 388-399 (also Ovid, Metamorphoses, XIV, 302-307): Circe turns Ulysses's comrades back from pigs into men
→ vv. 480-486: Ulysses takes leave of Circe
→ Ulysses sailing away from Circe's island