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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book XVII: Ulysses, disguised as a beggar, returns to his palace
→ Ulysses disguised as a beggar (no narrative context)
→ vv. 1-60: Telemachus returns to the palace and greets Penelope
→ vv. 96-149: Telemachus tells Penelope what he had heard about Ulysses on his travels
→ vv. 212-237: Melantheus attacks Ulysses
→ vv. 291-327: Ulysses is recognised by his dog Argos who dies for joy
→ vv. 348-352: Eumaeus brings Ulysses meat from Telemachus's table and tells him to beg from the suitors
→ vv. 360-364: Minerva commands Ulysses to go inside and beg from the suitors
→ vv. 365-369: Ulysses goes round the suitors and begs
→ vv. 369-408: Melanthius, Eumaeus, Telemachus and Antinous discuss about what to do with the beggar Ulysses