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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book XIX: Ulysses speaks incognito with Penelope and is recognised by Euryclea
→ vv. 31-43: Ulysses and Telemachus remove the weapons to the upper chamber, Minerva gives them light
→ vv. 55-88: The maidservant Melantho insults Ulysses
→ vv. 102-356: Ulysses, still disguised as beggar, speaks to Penelope
→ vv. 137-154: Penelope recounts weaving and undoing the shroud for Laertes
→ vv. 386-394, 467-505: Euryclea washes Ulysses's feet, recognises him by his scar, and promises to keep his secret
→ vv. 428-454: Ulysses remembers how a boar scarred his knee
→ vv. 560-569: Penelope, discussing her dreams, speaks of the origins of meaningful and meaningless dreams