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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book XIX: Ulysses speaks incognito with Penelope and is recognised by Euryclea → vv. 386-394, 467-505: Euryclea washes Ulysses's feet, recognises him by his scar, and promises to keep his secret
circa 480 BC -450 BC
Apollonio di Giovanni
circa 1435 -1445
Apollonio di Giovanni, No. 2
mid 15th century
Master of the Johnson Assumption of the Magdalen
early 16th century
Master of the Return of Ulysses
circa 1550
Brussels, No. 9
circa 1550 -1560
Primaticcio, No. 37
mid 16th century
Van Thulden, No. 37
2nd half 18th century-1st quarter 19th century
John Flaxman's Umrisse zu Homer's Ilias und Odyssee, gestochen von E. Riepenhausen, plate 23
circa 1793
1st half 19th century