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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book XXII: Punishment of the suitors and unfaithful servants
→ vv. 8-21: Ulysses shoots Antinous who is drinking wine
→ vv. 79-88: Ulysses shoots Eurymachus who had drawn his sword
→ Ulysses kills the suitors (no particular moment depicted)
→ vv. 187-193: Melantheus, who supplied the suitors with arms, is bound and hung by his wrists
→ vv. 204-238: Minerva appears and gives Ulysses courage for the fight against the suitors
→ vv. 203-309: Ulysses, Telemachus, Eumaeus and Philetius kill the suitors
→ vv. 310-329: The seer Leiodes asks for mercy and is killed by Ulysses
→ vv. 330-356: The singer Phemius begs for mercy and is spared at Telemachus's behest
→ vv. 357-374: The herald Medon, hidden in a cow's skin, crawls out and begs Telemachus for mercy
→ vv. 401-454: Euryclea summons the unfaithful maidservants to clean the hall from the suitors' blood
→ vv. 465-473: The unfaithful maidservants are hanged
→ vv. 474-477: Melantheus is dismembered
→ vv. 478-501: Ulysses washes his hands and feet and is welcomed by the loyal servants