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→ Homer → Odyssey → Book VI: Nausicaa finds the shipwrecked Ulysses
→ Cycles
→ Nausicaa - single figure
→ Minerva before Jupiter (probably before or after admonishing Nausicaa, scene not in Homer)
→ vv. 13-40: Minerva appears to Nausicaa and commands her to wash her clothers
→ vv. 85-94: Nausicaa and her maidens wash the clothes
→ v. 96. Toilet of Nausicaa after her bath
→ vv. 100-117: Nausicaa and her servants at a ball-game
→ Nausicaa's maidens espying Ulysses
→ vv. 135-210: Ulysses meets Nausicaa
→ vv. 316-320: Nausicaa returns with Ulysses to the city of the Phaeacians