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→ Homer → Iliad → Book XII: The Trojan conquer the wall around the Greek camp
→ vv. 35-59: Trojan attack against the wall
→ vv. 60-79: Polydamas warns Hector against driving the chariots into the ditch in front of the wall
→ vv. 93-94: Paris and Helenus lead two of the Trojan companies
→ vv. 127-161: Polypoites and Leonteus defend the gate in the wall
→ vv. 200-209: The Trojans see an eagle bitten by a snake it had caught
→ vv. 210-251: Polydamas warns Hector not to continue and is rebuked
→ vv. 290-306: Sarpedon atacks the wall
→ vv. 442-471: Hector breaks through the wall