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→ Homer → Iliad → Book XI: New battle, Agamemnon is wounded
→ vv. 3-12: Eris summons the Greeks to battle
→ vv. 197-210: Iris admonishes Hector only to join the battle after Agamemnon has been wounded
→ vv. 514-520, 597-598: Nestor and the wounded Machaon leave the battle on a chariot
→ vv. 581-584: Paris shoots Eurypylus into the thigh
→ vv. 599-615: Achilles, onboard a ship, watches the battle and sends Patroclus to enquire who the wounded man is)
→ vv. 644-654: While Nestor gives wine to Machaon, Patroclus enquires who the wounded man is
→ vv. 842-848: Patroclus removes the arrow from Eurypylus's thigh