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→ Lefèvre, Raoul → Le recoeil des histoires de Troyes → Livre II
→ cap. 43: Hercules kills three lions in the forest of Nemea
→ cap. 44: Hercules kills Busiris
→ cap. 45: Hercules marries Megara
→ cap. 46: Rape of Hippodameia, Hercules liberates her
→ cap. 47: Rape of Proserpina, Theseus and Pirithous try to liberate her
→ cap. 48: Hercules defeats Pluto and Cerberus and liberates Proserpina
→ 48.5. Orpheus plays for Pluto and Proserpina in the Underworld
→ cap. 49: Andromadas liberates Lynceus and kills Creon, Lynceus imprisons Megara
→ cap. 50: Hercules kills Lynceus
→ cap. 51: Hercules joins the Argonautes and then destroys Troy a second time
→ cap. 52: Hercules is received honourably in Alexandria and fights the giant Antheon
→ cap. 53: Hercules takes Atlas as prisoner and learns from his books
→ cap. 54: Hercules vanquishes Antheon again and kills the king of Cothulye
→ cap. 55: Hercules kills Antheon
→ cap. 56: Hercules and Theseus fight Menalippe and Hippolyte of Scythe
→ cap. 57: Hercules falls in love with Dejanira and defeats Achelous
→ cap. 58: Hercules defeats Achelous again and marries Dejanira
→ cap. 59: Nessus carrying off Dejanira shot by Hercules
→ cap. 60: Hercules kills the Hydra
→ cap. 61: Hercules fights Geryon in Spain, Philistenes erects two columns
→ cap. 62: Hercules conquers Megida and admires the tomb Geryon had made for himself
→ cap. 63: Hercules kills Geryon
→ cap. 64: Hercules founds the city of La Coruna above Geryon's tomb
→ cap. 65: Hercules hears of the misdeeds of Cacus and defeats him
→ cap. 66: Hercules fights the giants of Cremona and defeats Cacus, the cattle-thief
→ cap. 67: Facua, queen of Laurence, falls in love with Hercules, fight with King Pricus
→ cap. 67: The queen of Laurence visits the Temple of Hercules
→ cap. 68: Hercules falls in love with Iole, daughter of Pricus
→ cap. 69: Hercules kills King Diomedes
→ cap. 70: Dejanira writes to the unfaithful Hercules
→ cap. 71: Dejanira send Hercules the poisoned shirt, he burns himself on the pyre