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→ Boccaccio, Giovanni → De casibus virorum illustrium → Book II
→ Prologue
→ Saul, King of Israel
→ David, King of Israel, defeating his enemies
→ Rehoboam, King of the Hebrews
→ Mucius Scaevola before Porsenna
→ Zara and Ahab
→ Athaliah of Jerusalem
→ The Hebrews
→ Dido, Queen of Carthage
→ Sardanapalus on the pyre
→ Sennacherib punished by God's Angel
→ Death of Amaziah
→ Murder of Zedekiah's children
→ Candaulos exposing his sleeping wife to Gyges
→ Death of Atys, son of Croesus
→ Birth and exposure of Cyrus
→ Cyrus, King of Persia
→ Deliverance of Croesus
→ Boccaccio with unfortunate rulers
→ Mettius Fufetius dismembered