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→ BenoĆ®t de Sainte-Maure → Roman de Troie → Episodes → The second battle
→ Hector killing Patroclus
→ Merion fighting Hector with the dead Patroclus at their feet
→ Merion and Hector in battle
→ Troilus fighting Menestheus in the second battle
→ Menesteus killing Merceres, Menelaus fighting Polidamas
→ Polydamas fighting Merion
→ Menelaus is unhorsed, Polidamas kills Merel de Brez
→ Menelaus wounding Polidamas
→ Hector fighting Teucer and other Greeks
→ Thoas slaying Casibilan, Hectors slaying Thoas
→ Nestor fighting King Fion, King Edras and his troops join the battle
→ The King of Frise is killed, Ulysses unhorsing Paris and Troilus coming to his rescue
→ King Huniers wounding Hector, Hector killing Huniers
→ Hector killing Merion
→ The Trojans ravaging the Greek camp
→ Miscellaneous