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→ BenoĆ®t de Sainte-Maure → Roman de Troie → Episodes → The tenth battle
→ Hector taking leave of Priamus, Hecuba, Andromache and Astyanax
→ Priam attempts to follow Hector in battle but is sent back
→ Troilus and Diomedes in battle
→ Menelaus unhorses Miseres, Troilus comes to his aid
→ Ajax unhorses Polidamas
→ Margariton killed in battle by Achilles
→ Margariton's body is brought back to Troy and is mourned
→ Hector rejoins the battle to avenge Margariton
→ Philimenis wounds Menestheus with his spear, Menestheus is brought to Palamedes at the Greek camp
→ The Trojans are pushed back towards the city
→ Hector kills Euripilus and Ysidus
→ Hector kills Leothites
→ Hector killing Polibites, Hector wounding Achilles
→ Achilles kills Hector
→ Achilles kills Hector while he is fighting Polinices
→ Memnon unhorses Achilles
→ The Trojans flee back into the city
→ Final moments of the battle, the wounded are brought back to the respective camps
→ Generic battle scenes