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→ BenoĆ®t de Sainte-Maure → Roman de Troie → Episodes → The eighth battle
→ Hector killing Xantipus of Caledonia
→ Achilles kills the King of Persia
→ Hector slays King Philotas
→ Hector slays Merion
→ Hector and Achilles in battle
→ Menelaus unhorses Memnon
→ Diomedes unhorses Troilus and takes his steed
→ Paris in battle
→ Polidamas unhorses Diomedes and gives his horse to Troilus
→ Troilus unhorses Achilles
→ Achilles is taken prisoner but is saved by Ajax Telamon and Menesteus
→ The bodies of the dead soldiers are cremated