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→ Lydgate, John → Troy Book → Book II
→ vv. 1-202: The power of Fortuna
→ vv. 203-384: Priam besieging a castle, description of his children
→ vv. 479-710: Priam rebuilds Troy
→ vv. 1067-1144: Priam summons his lords to discuss the return of Hesione from Greek captivity
→ vv. 1295-1744: Antenor asks in vain Pelias, Telamon, Castor, Pollux and Nestor for the return of Hesione
→ vv. 1745-1902: Priam receives Antenor's report and decides to attack the Greeks
→ vv. 1903-2062: Priam's parliament decides to wage war against the Greeks
→ vv. 2063-2182: Priam summons his sons and demands their support in the war
→ vv. 2369-2634: Paris, who encourages war, recounts how the three goddesses appeared to him in a dream
→ vv. 2635-2907: Paris continues his account, describing his Judgement
→ vv. 3319-3466: Paris and Antenor sail to Cythera, passing Menelaus's ship on the way
→ vv. 3467-3574: Paris and Antenor land in Cythera, out of curiosity Helen goes to the temple of Venus to see him there
→ vv. 3755-4096: Paris commands to plunder the temple (including Helen), Helen's lament
→ vv. 4097-4254: Paris and Helen are received by Priam and marry each other, Cassandra predicts the downfall of Troy
→ vv. 4255-4508: Menelaus swoons at the news of Helen's abduction, Castor and Pollux shipwreck when trying to rescue her
→ vv. 4509-5066: Catalogue of fighters on both sides
→ vv. 5067-5238: Muster of the Greek ships before sailing out to Troy
→ vv. 5391-5940: Achilles and Patroclus arrive in Delphi (confused with the island Delos), excursus on pagan deities
→ vv. 8015-8233: Battle at the landing of the Greeks