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→ Lydgate, John → Troy Book → Book IV
→ vv. 1-110: The Greeks ask for a truce so that Achilles can recover from his wounds
→ vv. 111-323: At a meeting of the Greek captains, Palamedes is elected leader instead of Agamemnon
→ vv. 343-491: Priam takes revenge for the killing of Hector and defeats Palamedes
→ vv. 551-636: In the temple of Apollo in Troy, Achilles falls in love with Polyxena
→ vv. 1223-1316: Palamedes mortally wounds Deiphobus
→ vv. 1681-1700: Agamemnon asks Ulysses, Diomedes and Nestor to persuade Achilles to fight again
→ vv. 2029-2131: Troilus defeats Diomedes, Menelaos and Agamemnon
→ vv. 2401-2497: Menelaos and Paris unhorse each other, Menestheus unhorses Antenor, and other fights
→ vv. 2498-2619: Achilles rejoins the war and is wounded by Troilus
→ vv. 3098-3270: Achilles and Antilochus murdered by Paris in the temple of Apollo
→ vv. 3271-3362: The Greeks decide to fetch Neoptolemus (or Pyrrhus), Achilles's son
→ vv. 3363-3532: Diomedes attacks Philomene, Menestheus attacks Polydamas
→ vv. 4281-4406: Penthesileia wounds Neoptolemus and is killed by him
→ vv. 4637-4656: Priam discusses Antenor's suggestion of making peace with the Greeks
→ vv. 6023-6204: Calchas devises the Trojan Horse, which the Greeks bring into Troy as a gift
→ vv. 6276-6730: Sack of Troy, Neopolemus kills Priam, Council of the Greeks
→ vv. 6731-7108: Neoptolemus kills Polyxena, Hecuba becomes mad and is stoned to death, author's lament for Troy