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→ Lydgate, John → Troy Book → Book I
→ vv. 1-722: The Myrmidons, Pelius (Pelias) and the departure of the Argonauts
→ vv. 723-976: The Argonauts land in Trojan territory
→ vv. 977-1028: Laomedon sends a messenger telling the Argonauts to depart from his land
→ vv. 1197-1344: The Argonauts leave Troy and sail to Colchis
→ vv. 1345-1408: The Argonauts are received by King Cethes (Oetes) of Colchis
→ vv. 1513-1822: Jason meets Medea at King Oetes's banquet
→ vv. 2297-2812: Medea promises to help Jason if he swear her fidelity
→ vv. 2988-3092: Medea gives Jason a statue, and ointment, a ring that makes invisible and poison, he parts from her
→ vv. 3093-3200: Jason takes leave from King Oetes and departs to conquer the Fleece
→ vv. 3201-3430: Jason conquers the Fleece
→ vv. 3431-3588: Jason returns to Colchis, showing the fleece to King Oetes and his men, and spends the night with Medea
→ vv. 3589-3720: Jason and Medea elope from Colchis
→ vv. 3721-3906: Jason triumphantly returns home; planning of the attack against Troy
→ vv. 3907-3956: The Greeks sail to Troy
→ vv. 4063-4436: Whilst Laomedon defeats on Greek army, the second conquers Troy