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→ Lydgate, John → Troy Book → Book III
→ vv. 716-818: Hector kills Patroclus in the first battle
→ vv. 819-1297: Continuation of the First Battle
→ vv. 2365-2666: Achilles fights Hector, and other battles
→ vv. 2821-3102: Achilles and Diomedes fight Hector and other battles
→ vv. 3323-3423: Hector kills kings Alphenor and Dorous
→ vv. 3423-3483: Appearance of the Centaur
→ vv. 3755-4076: Achilles and Hector agree to decide the war in single combat, their comrades veto it
→ vv. 4077-4185: Cressida forced to part from Troilus
→ vv. 4815-4888: Diomedes falls in love with Cressida
→ vv. 5204-5422: Death of Margariton and then of Hector
→ vv. 5423-5578: Lament for the dead Hector