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→ Lydgate, John → Troy Book → Book V
→ vv. 164-412: Ulysses gains the Palladium, Ajax Telamon, the rival claimant, is murdered
→ vv. 697-1010: King Naulus lights fires to lead the Greek ships onto rocks
→ vv. 1011-1206: Agamemnon returns home and is murdered in bed by Clytemnestra
→ vv. 1206-1466: Assandrus is killed by King Telephus - but Egra, Diomede's wife, is misinformed and banishes Diomedes
→ vv. 1665-1780: Nestor and Menelaus decide that Orestes is innocent, he marries Hermione, Erigone hangs herself
→ vv. 1781-2108: Ulysses arrives at the court of Idomeneus and tells him of his journeys
→ vv. 2315-2548: Neoptolemus liberates his grandfather Peleus (Pelias) and kills the usurpers Atastus, Menalippus and Polisthenes
→ vv. 2623-2780: Neoptolemus becomes king, he takes Hermione, Orestes's wife, by force
→ vv. 2937-3325: Ulysses dreams that he will be murdered by his son, imprisons his son Telamon, but is killed by his son Telegonus