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→ Historienbibel → Type I → Daniel
→ Nabuchodonosor's first dream (ed. Merzdorf, p. 468)
→ The adoration of the idol (ed. Merzdorf, p. 470f.)
→ The Three Hebrews in the fiery furnace (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 471-474)
→ Daniel destroys the idol through his prayer (ed. Merzdorf, p. 474f.)
→ Daniel in the lions' den, fed by Habacuc and seen by the Nabuchodonosor (ed. Merzdorf, p. 475f.)
→ Nabuchodonosor's second dream (ed. Merzdorf, p. 477f.)
→ Nabuchodonsor's madness (ed. Merzdorf, p. 478f.)
→ Nabuchodonosor regains his senses (ed. Merzdorf, p. 479f.)
→ Nabuchodonosor's return to Babylon (ed. Merzdorf, p. 480f.)
→ Nabuchodonosor's death and dismemberment (ed. Merzdorf, p. 481)
→ Balthasar's feast during the siege, the writing on the wall (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 481-483)
→ The conquest of Babylon (ed. Merzdorf, p, 473)
→ Daniel thrown into the lions' den a second time, under Darius (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 483-485)
→ Daniel prophecies the Antichrist (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 487-489)
→ Daniel prophecies the Last Judgement (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 489-491)
→ The return of the Jews (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 491-493)