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→ Historienbibel → Type I → Judith
→ Nabuchodonosor sends Holofernes to conquer all the world (ed. Merzdorf, p. 494f.)
→ Achior warns Holofernes against attacking the Israelites (ed. Merzdorf, p. 497f.)
→ Holofernes hands Achior over to the Israelites (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 499-502)
→ Judith goes to meet Holofernes (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 505f.)
→ Holofernes's feast (ed. Merzdorf, p. 508f.)
→ Judith beheads Holofernes and returns to Bethulia (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 509-511)
→ Battle between the inhabitants of Bethulia and Holofernes's army (ed. Merzdorf, p. 512)
→ Holofernes's army runs away (ed. Merzdorf, p. 512f.)
→ Judith praises God, the Israelites bring sacrifices in the temple (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 514-516)