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→ Historienbibel → Type I → Joseph
→ Joseph's dream (ed. Merzdorf, p. 176)
→ Joseph is thrown into the cistern and sold (ed. Merzdorf, p. 176f.)
→ The queen tries to seduce Joseph and accuses him before the king (ed. Merzdorf, p. 180)
→ Joseph interprets the dreams of the butler and the baker (ed. Merzdorf, p. 180f.)
→ Joseph interpret's the king's dream and is made lord over Egypt (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 181-183)
→ Joseph's commands to store grain in the years of plenty (ed. Merzdorf, p. 183f.)
→ Joseph's brothers come the first time to Egypt to by corn (ed. Merzdorf, pp. 184-186)
→ Joseph's brothers come to Egypt the second time, with Benjamin (ed. Merzdorf, p. 186f.)
→ The cup is discovered in Benjamin's sack, Joseph confronts the brothers (ed. Merzdorf, p. 187f.)
→ The king invites Jacob and his family to Egypt (ed. Merzdorf, p. 189f.)
→ Jacob moves to Egypt (ed. Merzdorf, p. 191f.)
→ Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasse (ed. Merzdorf, p. 192f.)
→ Jacob's death (ed. Merzdorf, p. 197f.)