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→ Jans Enikel → Weltchronik → Non-Biblical images deriving from Enikel's text used elsewhere
→ Daniel destroys the idol and drives a demon from it (vv. 17569-17572)
→ In his madness Nabuchodonosor leaves Babylon and enters the forest (17847-17849)
→ During Nabuchodonosor's madness, his son appoints many new knights (vv. 17865-17898)
→ Healed from his madness, Nabuchodonosor enters a hunters cabin (vv. 17910-17972)
→ Nabuchodonosor's return is celebrated by the Babylonians (vv. 18005-18019)
→ Nabuchodonosor's cut into 300 parts and fed to 300 birds (vv. 18051-18144)