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→ Comestor, Petrus → Historia Scholastica → Non-biblical Episodes
→ Genesis- Adam and Eve mourn one-hundred years for Abel
→ Genesis - The hammering of Tubal-Cain inspires Jubal to invent harmony
→ Genesis - Abraham is thrown into the fire in Ur and liberated by God
→ Exodus - Moses breaks the crown of Pharaoh
→ Exodus - Moses, as Egyptian general, besieges Saba but then makes peace with it and marries Tarbis, the daughter of its king
→ Exodus - Hur, who refused to make the Golden Calf, is spat on by the Israelites until he drowns in spittel
→ 3 Kings - Solomon imprisons an ostrich chick in a glass vessel - the ostrich liberates it by squirting the blood of a worm onto the glass
→ 4 Kings - Manasses kills the prophets
→ 4 Kings - Manasses has Isaias sawn in two
→ Daniel - Nabuchodonosor's body cut into 300 parts and fed to 300 birds
→ 2 Machabees - The tower Baris in Jerusalem, built by high priest Alexander Jannaeus, could be defended by two men against all enemies