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→ Guido delle Colonne (Guido de Columna or de Columnis) → Historia destructionis Troiae → Book 3
→ Medea summons Jason to her chamber
→ Medea makes Jason swear they will marry
→ Medea and Jason consummate their love
→ Medea gives Jason a statue, an ointment, a ring that makes invisible and a prayer
→ Oetes attempts to discourage Jason
→ Jason takes leave to retrieve the Golden Fleece
→ Jason forces the fire-breathing oxen to plough the field
→ Jason kills the dragon and extracts its teeth, sows them, the soldiers fight each other
→ Jason flays the golden ram
→ Jason returns to Colchis, Oetes mourns the loss of his treasure
→ Jason and Medea leave Colchis
→ Jason returns to Pelias