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→ Milet, Jacques → L'istoire de la destruction de Troie la Grant → Episodes → The second battle
→ Hector fighting
→ Hector killing Patroclus
→ Prothenor stops Hector from taking the armour of Patroclus
→ The body of Patroclus is brought back to the Greek camp
→ Deiphobus and Troilus come to Hector's rescue
→ Aeneas fighting Ajax
→ Menelaus fighting and capturing Polydamas
→ Hector freeing Polydamas
→ Hector freeing the captured Troilus
→ Nestor fighting Troilus
→ Thoas killing Amphibilaus and being captured by Aeneas
→ Hector and Troilus discussing the fate of the captured Thoas
→ Cediron fighting and being killed by Troilus
→ Thoas carried into Troy
→ Priam joining the battle
→ Achilles mourning over the body of Patroclus