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→ Le Livre dou tres noble Romanz de Troies → Episodes
→ Jason defeating the oxen, the dragon and flaying the ram
→ The sack and first destruction of Troy
→ Priam and the Trojans welcome Paris and Helen to Troy
→ Castor and Pollux attempt to free Helen from Troy and are lost at sea
→ Calchas and Achilles meet at the Oracle of Delphi
→ Ulysses and Diomedes demand Priam returns Helen
→ The Persians win a battle against the Greeks
→ Hector in battle
→ Achilles and Thoas fight Hector
→ Diomedes fights and kills the Sagittaire
→ Parlay of Hector and Achilles
→ Troilus and Briseide's last farewell
→ Hector takes leave of Priam, Andromache and Astyanax before his last battle
→ Achilles kills Hector
→ Achilles and the Greek princes
→ Troilus in battle
→ Achilles murdered in the Temple of Apollo
→ Penthesilea killed in battle
→ Antenor suing for peace with Priam
→ The Trojan Horse
→ The sacrifice of Polyxena
→ Antenor sails away from Troy
→ The slander of Palamedes
→ Ulysses accidentally murdered by Telegonus