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→ Brother Marcus → Visio Tnugdali (Tondali, Tundali)
→ Cycles
→ Tnugdal alone
→ During a meal, Tnugdal faints and lies for three days like dead
→ The devils try to take possession of Tnugdal's soul, but he is rescued by his guardian angel
→ The souls of the murderers are molten and then pressed through a glowing lid into the fire
→ Some souls are thrown in turns into a well of burning sulphur and on a freezing mountain
→ A narrow bridge leads over a valley of fire, those who died in pride suffer in the valley beneath
→ The beast Achiron, with the giants Gustus und Conaldus in its jaws, devours all usurers and thieves
→ Those who steal sacred things must walk over a bridge full of nails above a valley with fire-breathing monsters
→ In the burning house of Pristinus souls are chopped into pieces
→ Sinful clerics and adulterers are devoured by a monster and then vomited into an icy lake where they give birth to snakes
→ Vulcanus hammers souls in his forge
→ Tnugdal sees the deepest pit of Hell
→ Lucifer, a giant beast, is roasted on a gridiron whilst devouring souls
→ King Tormax is burnt for three hours every day
→ The blessed on their thrones
→ The castle of the blessed monks and nuns
→ Those who built churches living in the shadow of a beautiful tree
→ Tnugdal climbs the wall leading to the choirs of angels
→ Tnugdal sees the choirs of saints
→ Tnugdal meets Rudan, his patron saint
→ Tnugdal sees St Patrick and the bishops Caelestinus, Malachias, Cristianus und Neemias, next to whom a throne for a still living man is waiting
→ Tnugdal's soul returns to his body