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Divination and prophecy
→ Prophecy → Cycles → Vaticinia de summis pontificibus → Ascende calve group (later series, appears first in combined cycles)
→ No. 1: Ascende calve (Pope with bears and dove)
→ No. 2: Clavibus claudet (Pope attacking eagle with staff bearing fleur-de-lis)
→ No. 3: Duros corporis (Pope with man brandishing stick and severed head)
→ No. 4: Oriens bibit (Pope with the Virgin Mary and a woman who receives a chalice)
→ No. 5: Voce vulpina (Pope kneeling before God appearing in a tree, attacked by a wolf)
→ No. 6: Fraudulenter intrasti (Pope with monk, cock and eagles)
→ No. 7: Viri fortis invidiae (Pope with dragon and bird)
→ No. 8: Mobilis et immobilis (Pope on horseback with falcon, Virgin Mary in gateway)
→ No. 9: Contra columbam (Pope with dragon-bodied antipope, lamb, branches and eagle)
→ No. 10: Sex lucidabit planetas (Pope with six stars, dove, crown and papal tiara)
→ No. 11: Stolam suam (Pope with cross-staff, cock and sheep's head, bitten by serpent)
→ No. 12: Lupus habitabit (Pope standing on crown, holding cross-keys and knife, attacked by wolf)
→ No. 13: Iste solus (Pope enthroned with peacock, branches, receiving cross-keys from angel)
→ No. 14: Obsecro domine (Pope attacked with sword, more swords and lances standing on the ground)
→ No. 15: no title (Dragon, head human, crowned, at tail snake-head biting sword)