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Astronomy and astrology
→ Planets → Represented as planetary deities → With planet children → Cycles
→ Prints
→ German Block-Book, Chiro-Xylographic edition (c1480, Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett)
→ German Block-Book, first edition (c1465-1470, Heidelberg, UB, Schweinfurt, Schäfer)
→ German Block-Book, second edition (c1470-1475, London, British Library and Vienna, ÖNB)
→ German Block-Book, third edition (c1470-1475, Graz, Landesbibliothek)
→ Aldegrever, Heinrich (1533 - only few with planet children)
→ Baldini, Baccio (attributed) (first series, c1464)
→ Baldini, Baccio (attributed) (second series, c1465)
→ Compost et Calendrier de Bergiers (Paris: Marchant, 1493)
→ Ferrara, 1470-1480, Tarocchi (S Series, only few with Children)
→ Ferrara, c1465, Tarocchi (E series, only few with Children)
→ German, 15th century (bound into Zürich, Zentralbibliothek, MS C 101)
→ German, 16th century
→ Grandi, Girolamo (1533)
→ Harmen Jansz. Muller after Maarten van Heemskerck (1566, temperaments with planets)
→ Harmen Jansz. Muller after Marten van Heemskerck (c1568)
→ Le Roy, Henri (first half 17th century)
→ Matham, Jacob, after Hendrik Goltzius (1597)
→ Nyge Kalender (Lübeck, 1519)
→ Passe, Crispijn van de (1589)
→ Pencz, Georg (1531, formerly attributed to Sebald Beham, earlier states)
→ Pencz, Georg (1531, formerly attributed to Sebald Beham, fifth state)
→ Probst, Georg Balthasar (c1770)
→ Sadeler, Jan I, after Maarten de Vos (1585)
→ Sadeler, Jan I, after Maarten de Vos (1585), anonymous copies after this series
→ Sadeler, Jan I, after Maarten de Vos (1585), copies by Fentzel after this series (c1650)
→ Saenredam, Jan, after Hendrick Goltzius (1596)
→ Solis, Vigil (individual prints from several series that show planet children)
→ Solis, Virgil (copies, Mid-16th century)
→ Solis, Virgil (Mid-16th century)